Welcome to the 7th Annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament. The upcoming week marks the largest fly-fishing event in Belize's history! Twenty four teams will descend upon San Pedro, all looking for the coveted Grand Slam of bonefish, permit and tarpon. 


ISLAND GIRL  Jenn Parker  Gilberto Acosta

SUPERFLY  Hackney Parker  Cesar Acosta

BIG E FLATS  Eric Wasserman  Abbie Marin

FIELDWORKERS CLUB  Adam Marton  Kechu Marin

REDHOUSE  John Winkler  Tina Winkler  Darrel Smith

SIZE MATTERS  Jerry Lappier  Parnell Coc

OHANA CREATIONS  Courtney Smith  Roger Marin

THE FLY FISHERS  Pat Ehlers  Joe Codd  Albert Lara

15 SECONDS TO FIU  Patrick Baker  Sinoe Balderaze

EL DIABLO  Mark Hyduk  Bart Horner  Severo Guerrero

TANGELO  David Hoyt  Bo Sims  Alex Gomez

MATADORS  Tyler Eagle  Connor Tonroy  Luis 'JUNIOR' Acosta

ANGLERS ALL TROUT  Doug Garvey  Chris Keeley  Gordy Marin

TIE ONE ON  Jared Costa  Kristen Costa  Luis Paz

FIN ADDICTS  Dean McNaught  Kevin Gallant  Emir Marin

BELIZEFLY  Daniel Smith  Sebastiano Rosa  Kristen Marin

YELLOWDOG  Shawn Lawson  Doug McKnight  Ken Coc

KESTRELS  Billy Oehmig  John Oehmig  Mario Graniel

ANGLERS ABROAD  Travis Then  Justin Parrish  Haywood Curry

LAMINAR FLY  Kevin Barker  Mark Holyfield  Jeovani Ortega

TARPON CLUB  Alejandro Vega  Carlos Sanchez  Manuel Azueta

BLUE HORIZON  Patrick Timmins  Lincoln Westby

THATCH CAYE  Dylan Dribitko  Kurt Godfrey

KALYPSO  Patrick Timmins  Marlon Leslie



AUGUST 6-8th, 2015

Holiday Hotel Beachfront

San Pedro Town, Belize


Wednesday, August 5th - Captains Dinner @ Holiday Hotel & Caprice Bar

*Captains & Anglers only*

  • 6:00pm Cocktails    

  • 7:00pm Dinner

Thursday, August 6th – Day One    5:00am Coffee, OJ & Breakfast

  • 5:30am Start Time

  • 2pm Lines out

  • 2-3pm Check In

  • COSTA Sunglasses Cocktail Party 6pm - Paradise Theatre

  • 2015 Fly-Fishing Film Tour 7pm - Paradise Theatre

Friday, August 7th– Day Two    5:00am Coffee, OJ & Breakfast

  • 5:30am Start Time

  • 2pm Lines out

  • 2-3pm Check In

  • 5:00-8:00pm PIG ROAST presented by BELIKIN (Proceeds benefit BTT)

Saturday, August 8th – Final Day    5:00am Coffee, OJ & Breakfast

  • 5:30am Start Time

  • 2pm Lines out

  • 2-3pm Check In

  • 7pm – Late  7th Annual TPST Awards Banquet


Stay tuned to our social media channels (@belizefly) for live updates all week. Daily results, pics, contests and more. Huge shout-out to ALL our sponsors and anglers for making this event possible year after year. Thank you for continuing to support sustainable sport fishing right here in our own backyard. Long live bonefish, permit and tarpon.  -Wil